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Chapter One.


I feel a couple pokes to my side... “dangit mom... it's a saturday...” I mumble, not wanting to get up. I hear a high pitched and feminine giggle to my side. I roll over, and open my eyes “Damnit, this better be impor-HOLYMOTHEROFGODWHATISPINKIEPIEDOINGINMYBEDROOM?!?!?!?!?”

“Silly foal, you're in Fluttershy's living room!” Pinkie Pie says, staring at my face, as Fluttershy steps out from behind the couch and slowly looks at me

“Uhm... what's your name little guy? I-i mean.. if you don't mind telling me....” Fluttershy says, in her usual whisper, and she appears to be a little freaked out as well.

“I don't mind. My name is Adam.” I say, looking at my hands..... which are now small hooves.

“I've never heard of a name like that before......” Fluttershy says, studying me.

“This has to be a dream” I say, and all of the sudden Pinkie pinches me quite hard.

“Ow! W-why'd you do that?” I say, and start crying.

Fluttershy rushes over and sits next to me, putting me on her lap and wrapping her wings around me in one quick motion. “Hush now, it's okay, ssshhhh, you're safe, I'll protect you.” She whispers, in a soothing tone. I calm down a little, but I'm still crying softly.

“Pinkie, shame on you! Pinching a defenseless little foal! I swear, sometimes I just can't believe you.” Fluttershy says, hugging me close.

Pinkie's hair straightens out a bit. “Sorry flutters, I just have a habit of pinching anypony who says “This has to be a dream.”” She soon puffs right back up.

“I'll go see how Twilight is doing, she might need some help with some thingamajig or another.” Pinkie gasped. “That sounds like a dance! Thingamajig, thingamajig, Everypony do the thingamajig!” She sang, hopping out the door.

Fluttershy sighed. She mutters something under her breath that sounds like “crazy filly” but I don't quite catch it. “Sssssshhh.... calm down, she's gone.” Fluttershy gets me to calm down all the way, and Pinkie bursts right back in the door.

As soon as I see her, I go right back into a fit. Pinkie drops a little bag of stuff next to the door.“Hey Flutters, You forgot thi-” “DARNIT PINKIE, GET THE BUCK OUT OF HERE!” Fluttershy somehow yells at Pinkie, trying to calm me down at the same time. “Sheesh, someone forgot to take their chill pill this morning.” Pinkie remarks, going back outside and bucking the door shut, with a loud SLAM!

“Calm down lil guy, she's definetly gone now..... Hush, hush, its ok, mama Fluttershy will keep you safe if she does come back.... ssshhhhh... you're ok, she's gone.” She gets me to calm down all the way again. I look down, and notice I'm wearing a diaper. I blush really hard.

“Uhm... about that..... From the size you were, I figured you'd still need them......” She says, blushing softly.

“It's ok...” I reply.

I snuggle up to Fluttershy.  (I think I'm enjoying this more than I should.)

“Adam, how did you know Pinkie's name? I've never seen you before... and I'm pretty sure Pinkie hasn't either.” Fluttershy asks.

“You may think me crazy, but I used to be a human.” I reply.

“Celestia help me, we have enough problems with one Lyra running around Equestria.” She remarks, rolling her eyes.  

“I'm not kidding. Last night, which was a Friday, I went to bed as a 12 year old boy, on planet earth, and I wake up as a freaking foal, in your bedroom.” I explain.

“That still doesn't explain why you knew Pinkie.” She quizzicaly replies.

“Well, its too complicated. You'd have to ask Celestia, she probably knows about it in a long-lost-spell-in-the-canterlot-archives kinda way.” I reply, hoping that she doesn't want me to go on a long rant about electricity and televisions and science and matter and GOD KNOWS WHAT.

“Please try to explain it for me” She asks, and smashes my hopes.  
(Well, I guess it's time to use my new-found ability)

“B-but....” I tear up and give her the puppy eyes, and she gives me the “Come on.” look.

I start crying. (Come to think of it, the tears come a lot easier now.)

“Fine, you don't have to tell me.” She mutters, rolling her eyes.

I calm down a bit, knowing that If I pop right up from it, my act is blown.  “R-really? ~Sniffle~ I don't?” I ask, deciding to drag it out a little.

“No, you don't.” She whispers, giving in to the insane cuteness. I calm down all the way after a minute, and snuggle up to her. Eventually, I get very drowsy. I keep my mouth shut, knowing that if I open it I might say something stupid.

Chapter Two.


(I really don't know what to think here. The human thing kinda makes sense, because no foal that size would have his air of intelligence about them, and would probably have a lisp of some sort.)

(I need to stop thinking so much about this. I finally have a foal to take care of! The animals are always there, but I really wanted a foal to baby.   Angel sure doesn't like being babied.)

(Awwwwww...... looks like he's getting sleepy. Well, better help him along to dreamland.)

(I hope this doesn't backfire like it did with Sweetie belle and the other two.)

“Hush now, quiet now, time to lay your sleepy head
Hush now, quiet now, it's time to go to bed.
Hush now, quiet now, the day is now behind you,
Hush now, quiet now, tomorrow starts anew.” I sing.

He soon falls alseep.

(He's snoozing like there's no tomorrow. Looks like Pinkie tired the little guy out.)

~About a half hour passes~

(Maybe I should get the baby stuff out of the secret closet..... been collecting it up for years.)

I start to get up, and he starts fussing.

(Awwwww, he doesn't want to be left alone. Looks like I'll have to carry him.)

“C'mere little guy.” I whisper, picking him up with my forehooves and using my wings to help me balance on my back ones.

He instantly calms down.

I squee softly. (He's just so darn cute!)

I fly up the stairs, into my bedroom, set Adam down on the bed, and push aside the dresser.

Chapter 3:


I awake to a grinding noise, and start crying, extremely scared.

Fluttershy flaps over and sits on the bed, then hugs me tight, wrapping her wings around me again.

“It's ok, I was just moving the dresser. Don't worry, you're safe.” She soothes, and I calm down.

She blushed kinda hard. “I-I have something to show you.” She mumbles. She steps off the bed, and puts me on her back, wrapping her wings around me and slowly walking into a hole in the wall, revealing a kinda dusty room with a bunch of baby stuff in it, from pacifiers to strollers, and everything in-between.

She blushed hard. “I've been wanting a foal to take care of for a long time... I would buy one thing occasionally, and this is what's built up over the years. I could never bring myself to adopt a foal, because of all the darned procedures and paperwork.  Besides that. I'm to shy to get a Colt-friend....” I stare at all the things around the room in amazement.

“Flutters, you're not the only one that has a secret here.” I say, and she looks up at me with a half-surprised and half-confused expression.

“Honestly, I never wanted to grow up. Like, Literally.  Even at 12, I was child-ish in a certain way. I would always be a lot more jumpy than other kids, I was always really emotional, and when I moved around I had that kind of... well, pattern that a younger kid would. I always wanted to be a little kid again. Wanted to wear diapers, be babied, you know, the whole nine yards.” I confessed, looking down in shame, blushing so hard I was as red as a freaking crayon.

“Awwww, i-is that why you didn't freak out about being in diapers?” She asks, with the blush fading from her face.

I blush harder and nod.

“Do you want me to be your mommy?” She asks, with a soft giggle.

I nod again.

“Mommy it is.” She replies, and smiles down at me, hugging me tight.

I hug back, and nuzzle her.

“So, let me get this straight, you do want to be babied?” She asks, walking over to a shelf with a few pacifiers on it, and a bunch of toys too.

I blush hard again, and nod once more.
“Well then...” She picks one of the pacifiers off the shelf that matches the orange of my coat, and blows on it, getting the dust off of it. She then puts it in my mouth, and I suckle on it happily. “That can certainly be arranged.” I giggle softly, and put my head on her shoulder, getting sleepy again.

“Are you hungry?” She asks, stroking my mane softly.

“Mmhmm........” I mumble through my paci.

She carries me into the kitchen, heating up a bottle for me.

“You're a cute little colt, you know that right?” She asks, patting my head a couple times as she pulls the bottle out of the microwave.

I look up at her with a drowsy smile, and nuzzle her again, just happy to have this finally happen.

“I'll take that as a yes, you adorable little sleepyhead.”

She carries me into the living room, and sits down on a really comfy recliner with me.

“I'm pretty sure you want me to feed you.... I-I mean... if it's ok..” She says, hoping that I'll let her.

“yes pwease...” I mumble sleepily.

She smiles, with a soft squee, and gently puts the bottle in my mouth.

(I can't believe this is real.... I hope to god this isn't one of those goddamn dreams I've been having.)

I suckle happily after a couple seconds of thought.

She strokes my mane softly, and I close my eyes and relax.

I groan a little, in approval, and cuddle up to her.

“That's a good little colt, drink up.” She whispers, trying not to disturb me.

I suddenly feel the need to wet, and I push a little, and a warm, wet feeling spreads between my legs.

Fluttershy suddenly tilts the bottle up, and I keep nursing, oblivious to the reason why.

She takes the bottle out of my mouth suddenly, and I fuss a little, but then realize it was empty.

“Sorry Adam, but that's all for tonight. I didn't have much at all, and we need to save a little for morning, so you can eat breakfast. Tomorrow we can go to the store and get some more for you.” She says, then picks me up and puts me on her shoulder, patting my back.

I burp, with a bit of a blush.

“Otays...” I mumble, kinda sad. I yawn, and Fluttershy looks at the clock.

It says 9:00 PM

“No wonder you're sleepy.” She yawns aswell. “It's getting late. Bedtime....” She says.

“Do you wanna sleep with mommy?” She asks, hugging me close.

I look up at her and nod, then hold on to her tightly.

“Somepony is afraid of sleeping alone!” She remarks, with a giggle.

I nod, and reach for my paci. Fluttershy grabs it, and puts it in my mouth.

“There you go lil guy.” She says. “Oh, I almost forgot! Do you need a change?” She asks.

I blush and nod.

I push a little, to get what's left in there out, and I end up messing a little, and wetting again.

Fluttershy notices this, and I blush harder. “Let's get you cleaned up.” She says, then carries me to that baby room in the bedroom, and sets me down on the changing table.

She pulls out the changing supplies, as well as a diaper that's quite a bit thicker than the one I have on now.

She sets the powder and wipes on the table next to me, and untapes my diaper. I blush even harder, so I look like a red crayon again.

“Awww, don't be embarrassed, that's what diapers are for!” She assures me, wiping me and powdering me.

She then slides the diaper under me, pulls the front up, and tapes it snug.

“Better?” She asks, patting the front of my diaper playfully.

“Bettuh.” I mumble, my paci muffling my speech. My blush fades a little.

She giggles, and carries me back out into the bedroom.

She sits me down on the edge of the bed, pulling back the blanket, and climbing under the covers. She grabs me, and pulls the covers over us, and I snuggle up close to her.
“wuv yoo mommy...” I mumble, happy to finally be babied.

“Love you too baby. Now get some sleep, we have a busy day tomorrow.” She replies, hugging me tightly, and nuzzling me.

“Before the day comes, tomorrow,
The princess of the night shall reign.
And before the day comes tomorrow,
May your dreams bring you, no pain.
Before the day returns tomorrow,
May your dreams... bring you.... no pain.” She sings, and I soon fall asleep.
This story is more brony-based, and I hope everypony likes it.

The pony that is used in this story looks like this: , but a lot smaller, and without the suit on.

Please comment and tell me if i did Fluttershy's personality right, I'm really self-conscious about how i interpret characters.

When something is inside () It means the characters thoughts.
When something is inside ~~ it relates to something that happens, but none of the ponies can control.
When something is inside "" it's obviously dialogue, or their speech.
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